Armet Tactical offers a wide array of firearms related services from sales, service, installation, and instruction.



Armet Tactical specializes in the sale of new firearms and accessories to include National Firearms Act items such as Suppressors, Short Barreled firearms, and Automatic Firearms. Armet Tactical Maintains a NFA SOT and will handle all of the necessary ATF paperwork.

FFL Firearms Transfer

Armet Tactical will be happy to handle the transfer of any non-NFA firearm you have purchased from a retailer elsewhere or is being sent to you from an out of state private party. There is a $40 per firearm fee associated with this service. We will also conduct FBI NICS background checks for in-state purchases although not yet required by Arizona law; this service is also subject to the same $40 per firearm fee.

We Buy Guns!

Armet Tactical will buy your unwanted guns for cash!

Installation aka Armory Work

Armet Tactical will be happy to install just about any new or replacement accessories or enhancements on your firearm. Prices vary, however, there is never a charge to install a part or accessory you have purchased from Armet Tactical.

Firearms Shipping

Need to send your friend or relative out of state a firearm but aren’t sure how? Let Armet Tactical handle the packaging and shipping for you. This service costs $60 per firearm plus actual shipping costs (FedEx).


Have a gun you just don’t use or want anymore? A new model caught your eye? Turn that unwanted gun into a trade for something you really want! Armet Tactical uses industry standard methods of appraising your unwanted gun’s fair market trade-in value.


Sometimes that old gun is worth more than a dealer like Armet Tactical is willing to give you for it. We gladly accept guns on consignment. We will take photos of your gun and publish them to our consignment web page once it has been appraised. Once the item is sold, Armet Tactical will handle all of the payment and shipping and handling details. All you need to do is come collect your check! All this for only 15% of the gross proceeds from the sale of your item.

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